HPE Infrastructure Reseller

HPE Platinum

NTT ICT is one of HPE's largest accredited partners. The relationship was formed in 2002, and we work together to provide solutions to a vast number of clients. As an authorised HPE ServiceOne Expert Partner working closely with HPE, NTT ICT can advise on the best support services for your customers’ business: from standard break/fix services to value services such as Data Centre Care.

Why Choose NTT ICT as Your HPE Infrastructure Reseller?

NTT ICT has a long history through its heritage from Frontline and Harbour MSP. As proof of the strength of our relationship, HPE named NTT Com ICT Solutions as 2012 Largest ESSN and Services Partner in Australia and 2012 Largest Software Partner in S Pacific. For many years, we’ve been the largest HPE partner in Australia.

As a Platinum Partner, NTT ICT holds the highest level of certification and accreditation, and invests heavily in resources to support the full breadth of products that HPE have to offer.

NTT ICT belongs to a number of the partner programs that HPE have in place today. These include the HPE BPSA program, with five business partner solution architects nationally; Services One; Services Specialist; Accredited Sales; Cloud Agile; Authorised Cloud Builder; Software Partner; and Data Centre Solutions Specialist.

For a number of years, NTT ICT has been an active participant of the HPE Partner Advisory board, which enables us to provide priority feedback to HPE about all aspects of their business and effect positive change within HPE. It is extremely important that HPE’s Australian partners, including NTT Com ICT Solutions, work collectively to represent their customers’ business issues and opportunities.

NTT ICT Infrastructure Services

As part of the HPE ServiceOne Program, NTT ICT have a number of certified engineers currently delivering installation and deployment services on behalf of HP.

NTT ICT also manage HPE Maintenance contracts to help you handle the burden of maintaining contracts for your hardware and software, ensuring that you get both the best coverage and the best price.

Investing in such programs gives us the expertise to design, build, and implement solutions across server, storage, software and networking. Our HPE Data Centre Solutions Specialist accreditation sets us apart within the Australian HPE partner community, as we are one of the select few recently awarded the ExpertOne Skills Achievement Award.

However long and impressive our list of specialist accreditations, what makes NTT ICT Solutions' relationship with HPE work for our customers is our commitment to:

  • Work with HPE across all of their server and storage platforms, desktop, notebook and printing departments.
  • Design and deploy HPE solutions that meet the major IT and business challenges of organisations.
  • Continue to grow our team of HPE certified professionals, with their unparalleled and advances skills in Server, Storage, Networking and Cloud services.

NTT ICT Solutions’ commitment to HPE goes beyond accreditation; we are a committed business partner working together to improve the IT infrastructure and business capabilities of our customers, across a variety of public and private sector organisations in Australia and across the globe.