Cloud Management Portal

NTT ICT’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is an ICT Management Tool that offers efficient management, operational governance and orchestration of Enterprise Cloud and third-party cloud solutions.

With CMP, you gain visibility into the full IT stack, including shadow IT, enabling greater control of traditional ICT and cloud-native ICT infrastructures. CMP provides cloud discovery and orchestration tools for use across all cloud platforms (on-premises, hosted private, multi-tenant and third-party, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure).

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Increased Control

A holistic view of ICT resources allows you to understand the state, performance and events occurring within and around the infrastructure no matter which provider or technology is used. Compliance information at your fingertips.

Cost optimisation

Monitor spend by provider, application or cost code. Set notification thresholds, analyse trends including spend and utilisation.

Enabling business agility

Support Bi-Modal IT. While your company uses ITIL centric practices to ensure stability and security of your IT platforms, the NTT ICT’s cloud management platform can be closely integrated with agile, dev-ops and focused approaches.

Improved decision making

Easily search resources and quickly obtain detailed information. Dashboards can be customized to show only the information that is relevant and essential for business decisions.

Why NTT ICT’s Cloud Control Management Platform?

NTT ICT’s CMP can reduce the complexity of managing complicated ICT environment and provide you with control for ICT estate allowing you to focus on enabling your business to achieve its goals.

It is a solution that offers on-demand, fully automated cloud analytics and reporting that supports all the leading cloud service providers delivering visibility across usage statistics, availability, consumption control, cost reporting all with customizable dashboard views.

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